I was lucky enough to have gone to college at a time when the internet was effectively a Beta version of what it is today. My curiosity for all things digital/technical along with my training as a creative problem solver helped set me on the path towards roles in innovation.

My first stop out of school was with the large production company RadicalMedia whose internal emerging media team was dedicated to the creation of "skunks works" style project for major brands. During that time, I was able to design and develop 2nd screen experiences, design and program multiplayer videos games, experiment with spherical photography and Quicktime VR, design Olympic uniforms as well as work closely with a Beatle in order to help him realize his first ever web presence. 

After 6 years there I left to freelance as well as start a small experiential design company with a longtime colleague to service our Johnson & Johnson client. During that period I spent a few years with Razorfish helping to design, develop and launch multiple iterations of the Ford Sync web products as well provide online marketing expertise for their Mercedes client.

I was eager to continue to grow and develop as a leader so I took a position with UniWorld Group who is a multi-cultural marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY. It was there that I co-founded and ran their Innovation department which was dedicated to providing digital thought leadership, digital strategy, and user experience across all agency clients.

Then in Spring of 2014 I was introduced to the first version of the Oculus positional tracking headset and felt that we were about to experience a shift towards this type of technology which was when I founded my company Out of Body VR. 

Not soon after I was approached by Gramercy Tech to start their VR / AR and Mixed Reality division. To date we have delivered over 30 VR / AR / MR projects and products which represents a little more than 30% of the company billings.

I have been invited to speak as a subject matter expert on the topics of AR / VR / MR and have been interviewed by the Washington Post for my insights on how these technologies will change our lives in the future.